Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Signs That you Have Watched Way Too Much Of The Wire

-You know you got to keep the 'Devil down in the hole'
-When your favourite store runs out of the item you buy the most you ask when the re-up is coming
-You are familiar with police terms like Title 3,  DEU, buy-bust, clearance, CID, drugs on the table, CI,  Deputy-Ops, etc
-If you see a article about crime being reduced due to increased police presence you automatically assume the police are just juking the stats
-You know why it is a bad idea for a drug dealer to have a big bushy pony tail
-The name 'Snoop' does not make you think of a cartoon dog or a rapper -- Instead it makes you think you think of a petite, psychopathic, teenage girl killer
-Sometimes you want to do things "The Western District Way"
-Someone whistling the tune to "Farmer in the Dell" makes you run
-You hear that someone lives on a street called "Potapsco" and right away you know they live in Baltimore (This actually happened to me)
-You contemplated learning how to make 'Doll house minuatures' to make money
- If you piss your bosses off and they ask "where do you not want to end up" you know to keep your mouth shut
-You know that even an inner city drug organization can follow Roberts Rules of Order when holding a meeting
-You once started a conversation with the phrase "Proposition for you"
-You wonder every time you see a vacant row house if there could be a dead body inside
-You ask for a "Cutty's Boxing Gym" t-shirt for Christmas
-At one time you felt sad that Prop Joe was killed but, in time, you realize what a sneaky schemer con man he was
-Every time you hear sirens you have an urge to yell "five-oh, five-oh"

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