Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Reasons To Doubt Rob Ford Crack Video Allegations

Questions Critical Thinkers Should Be Asking About The Rob For Crack Allegations

Without even going into the obvious bias of the Toronto Star there are several reasons why I find the crack allegations not to be legit. Much of my scepticism comes from my close proximity to crack addicts. I live and work in a neighbourhood that has a good number of crack addicts. I see them every day, The go in and out of the bars and stores I frequent. And you can spot them a mile away. And they will all tell you, as will anyone who works with them, that you do not us crack casually. You either abuse it or you are not using it. There is no in between. It is too addictive.

1) Why does Rob Ford often look so laid back? Crack makes you very anxious. Not just during the short high but during the long come down period. You are jumpy, twitchy, eyes and head moving around.  You cannot relax.

2) How can Rob Ford be so fat if he is a crack addict? Most crack addicts are skinny. Not all are skinny but none of them are as fat as Rob Ford. Crack is a stimulant that suppresses your appetite. Not only is Rob fat but it is not like he has had noticeable weight loss. If Rob Ford is a crack addict then he is easily the fattest crack addict in the world.

3) Where are the burn marks on Rob's fingers? Crack addicts get burns on their fingertips from the way crack is smoked. I have included a couple pictures of Rob where you can see his hands. No burns. And a picture of the hands of a crack addict.

4) Why would Rob Ford use crack when he can afford better drugs? Most crack users were cocaine users who turned to crack when cocaine became too expensive. Crack is a poor mans drug. Rob Ford is quite wealthy. He can easily afford a cocaine habit and would not need to resort to the cheaper alternative that is crack.

5) Someone is trying to make a ton of money so maybe this is fabricated? The person who has the alleged video is trying to sell it. Perhaps they are running a game. On a cell phone video could Rob taking a toke of weed from a pipe look like smoking crack? Of course it could. And we know Rob has smoked weed in the past.

6) Reverse conspiracy theory -- Could Rob Ford be behind all of this as a plot to discredit his haters? Knowing that the Rob Ford haters want so badly for all of this to be true it is not a big reach. Perhaps Rob let someone video him pretending to smoke crack then try have someone show it to the Star to get them all excited. As it stands Gawker has raised the $200K but the drug dealer with video has been lost. If that video never appears the the Ford hating Star look like a bunch of chumps. Rob is even saying with confidence that the video does not exist. An aide to Rob's main opponent in the mayoral race has come out and said this story is only making Rob more popular.